Do women have a brain to be a scientist?

Have you heard about a statement said that women are inherently worse than men in math and science? I absolutely don't deal with this. Everybody knows that math or science are both difficult for people to learn. So why that this statement has argued? Maybe because they don't know the capability of women can do. Still remember about Marie Curie?? i am so proud of her, i am inspired by her. Nowadays, there are so many madame curies who have a big deal in science.

I believe that women have the same capability as men who are very expert in math and science. Usually men use their logic to solve the problem, so do women. But not only logic, women also usually use their feeling too.. Isn't that sound more interesting that women can do two things at the same time?

I do very curious about this, i'll try to find out the capability of women to do math and science..
It's not because i am smart or what, but i just want to know about my truly deeply ability which i can't explore...

Hope that i will find it soon.....